Tennis Contacts

Tennis Chairman: JoAnna Nofziger 419-560-3950

Tennis Pro: Jim Sutto 513-508-2617

Home Match Schedule

2020 Tails Home Matches.pdf
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Tennis Court Availability

The link below shows the most up-to-date court reservations.  Please check this when rescheduling a tennis match.  For any questions, please email


Junior Tennis Lessons

Fallen Timbers Family Recreation Club offers junior tennis lessons for all ages and playing levels.  You do not have to be a member to participate.  Please fill out the registration form below to register for this summer!

2020 FTFRC Junior Lessons
Special 2020 FTFRC Junior Tennis Lessons[...]
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Tennis Mixers!

This summer we will be having two tennis mixers throughout the summer.  Members and Non-members are invited!  Come out to the courts and enjoy playing doubles, mixed doubles or singles.  All skill levels are invited!  The cost is $5 per member, $10 per non-member.  A food truck will be at each mixer in case you want to buy dinner there!  BYOB!  We need a minimum of 8 signed up at the link below for each date.  The dates are:



  • Friday, June 26   6-8 pm
  • Friday, July 24    6-8 pm
For any questions, please email 


Private / Group Tennis Lessons

Worried about it being your first time on the court? A private tennis lesson will give you 1-on-1 time with your instructor allowing you to find your comfort zone. Are you already an accomplished tennis player who has been working on your game for years? Whether you are looking to work on your slice serve or clean up your footwork, we will help you refine your game. Call Jim Sutto at 513-508-2617 to arrange a time that works for you, your group and the pro. 

  • Remember Our Courts Are For FTFRC Members

  • Please be Respectful of OUR Har-tru Tennis Courts!

Tennis Rules

Do not allow children to play on the tennis courts unless they are wearing proper tennis attire and proper tennis shoes. Children should not be playing on the courts during rest breaks or using rollers or any other court equipment. Please ask children abusing the courts (not wearing proper attire, not wearing tennis shoes, playing with the court equipment, drawing in the court with sticks, etc.) to leave the courts immediately.


Below is a partial list of our court rules. Before the pool has full summer hours, please make arrangements to cover guest tennis fees. Please contact JoAnna Nofziger with any questions/concerns at or at 419-560-3950.


  1. Courts may not be used for any purpose before 9:00 AM.
  2. All players must register at the guardhouse. Guest fee will be $5.00, limited to 5 visits per year.
  3. Tennis shoes only can be worn on the courts.
  4. Court time will be limited to a maximum of 1 ½ hour periods.
  5. Members may reserve a court in their name by emailing
  7. No reservations can be made for more than two (2) days in advance.
  8. Each member must limit court reservations to one (1) per day.
  9. A person having a court reservation must cancel reservation at pool
  10. School age children may not reserve courts after 4:30 PM on any day unless an adult accompanies them or they hold a full time job that prohibits their play during the day. They may use empty courts until an adult comes to claim it or until the court gets reserved.
  11. Tournaments will have precedence over any reserved time.

  12. Regular league play will have precedence over individual reservations.

  13. Non-players must remain out of fenced tennis court areas.

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