Work Hours

Work Hour Chairman: Lori Kiscoe 419.297.2461


Please check the Completed Work Hours list to make sure it is correct for your family. If not, please contact the Work Hours Chairperson.


As in the by-laws, all FTFRC stockholders are required to supply 5 hours of approved volunteer service each calendar year. All hours must be reported through the committee head who approved the hours. If you have any questions please contact the Work Hours Chairperson. Thank you ahead of time for your hours of service to FTFRC!

Work Hours as of August 12, 2019

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Contacts for Work Hour Opportunities



Operations Chairman: Amy Snyder 419-340-3232


Swim Team is always in need of more volunteers for swim meets. Any member can help - your children do NOT have to be on the team to get your work hours in at our meets! You do NOT have to know anything about swimming, either! Meets are on Tuesdays. Contact for details:

Julie Meeker  419-345-0745

Lisa Ellison  419-320-6293


Social Chairman I: Julie Bauer 419.353.5368

Social Chairman II: Amy Tanner  419.356.3839


Grounds Chairman: Dan Wyandt 419-280-2199

Grounds Chairman: Mike Rodgers 419.360.4648

Pay Instead of Doing Your Work Hours

Don't forget! If you don't have the extra time on your hands, you may pay for your work hour instead of volunteering. If you pay by March 1st the cost is $200. After that you will be charged $80 for each work hour not completed. You must complete three (3) work hours for each calendar year. If you don't complete them by December you will be charged for the uncompleted hours. Remember there are very limited things to do after the pool closes in September so get you work hours in early!

Report Your Hours

Just a few reminders for work hours submission:

  1. All hours MUST be submitted though the chairperson or board member you have done the work for.  So make sure you have signed in or contacted the chairperson or boars member when the hours are completed.
  2. Work hours are updated frequently throughout the summer, please check your listed hours on the website, if they are not listed please contact the chairperson in charge.  If unable to contact the chairperson in charge of event, then contact the Work Hours Chairperson for further help.
  3. All work hours must be completed by shareholder or shareholder immediate family members (those listed in the directory).  If you are unable to do your workhours you will be charged for them.  There is the option to pay ahead if you know you aren't going to have the time to work your hours.
FTFRC - Work Hours (Individual) 2018.pdf
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FTFRC - Work Hours (Group) 2018.pdf
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A Friendly Reminder

Your family must be current with work hours and dues in order to sell your stock.  Contact the Membership Chairperson with any questions.

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2019 DUES ACH authorization .pdf
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2018 FTFRC Rules Regulations Bylaws.pdf
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